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List of Music Instruments

List of Music Instruments PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS Agung a Tamlang Bamboo slit drum Balafon Cajón Castanets Clapsticks/Clave sticks Cymbal Glockenspiel Handpan Marimba Mbira Steelpan Triangle Vibraphone Wood block Xylophone   MEMBRAPHONES Agida Alcahuete Apinti Arobapá Ashiko Assotor Baboula Balaban Balsié Bamboula Bari Barrel drum Barriles buleador primo repicador subidor Bass drum Bodhrán Bongo drums Boobam Candombe […]

List of Folk Music Traditions

Folk Music has been developed in different parts of the World. It can be classified as Traditional Folk Music and Contemporary Folk Music. Here is the list of Folk Music Traditions based on Geography and Subject Matter.   List of Folk Music Traditions Based on Geography Central, South American Asia Europe Middle East and North […]

List of Music Festivals

Human Beings have a deep relation with Music. Music Festival is a community event in which they perform live music for Instrumental Music, Singing and Dancing. Music Festivals are characterized  by geographical region, cultural growth and complexity of human activities and other factors. In summary, Music Festival is a man’s collective effort to celebrate his […]

Ethnic Music Loops

Tabla Is one of the most important percussion instrument. It is known of its special sound. Find here good Ethnic Music Loops for Background Music, making music tracks and music composition. Taals are indian classification of rhythms. In the following package there are 8 prinicipal classifications and 400 Total loops (50 loops in each classification). […]

Full Download Tabla Studio

      Download Download *The full download includes all 8 Taals, Dadra, Kaharwa, Roopak, Bhajani, Deepchandi, Teentaal, Jhaptaal and Ektaal (50 Loops for Each Taal) **This download  includes 8 Styles (Taals), 50 Loops for Each Taal, Total No. of Tabla Loops: 400 ***Price: US$ 24   Download from India Customers from India can download […]