New Subject for Facebook Posts, Music Theory

Hello This was a wonderful day with a few beautiful posts on facebook. Got an insight that Music Theory is one very convincing subject that relates to me and to my work. My tastes and likings are more related with Music Theory. It had been a long time I have been searching, which one subject is the most useful for Musicians. This is music theory. And the second most important subject is – How to Make Music (electronically with the help of softwares).

But now I am very happy, I got the subject to write posts for Facebook. I am facing one more problem that Tabla India.Com is getting indexed very slowly by Google search bots. So far only 5 percent of the content has been indexed by Google. This is worrying me, as it took me a lot of hard work  to prepare this useful resource for musicians. Somebody suggested me on the web, to increase google indexing rate, i should add more good content regularly, so I am panning to write some more content regularly in a diary form, specially related to what problems i am facing regarding development of the Tabla India.Com.

I like Tabla India.

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