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Beat Music Free Download

Tabla Beats High Quality Free Tabla Beats Download Find here collection of Indian Beats for Tabla. Tabla is popular Indian Drum Instrument. This collection includes 400 popular rhythms (wav loops) classified into 8 categories (8 ‘Tals’). Each category has 50 different varieties. All loops can be modified for desired key scale and tempo. For more […]

World Music Loops

The most important percussion instrument of the world, Tabla is well known for its deep sound. Tabla Rhythms are ideal for preparing music for various uses like Films, Documentary Film or any other kind of music.   The Tabla Studio Package includes 8 principal styles and each principal style has 50 varieties (Total 400 Loops). […]

Drum Loops

Indian Drum Loop Sample Library   Find here collection of all Indian Drum Sample Library. 400 Loops, 8 Taals (Styles), Each Taal Comes in Separate Folder Key and Tempo can be changed     Download The full download includes all 8 Taals, Dadra, Kaharwa, Roopak, Bhajani, Deepchandi, Teentaal, Jhaptaal and Ektaal (50 Loops for Each […]

Tabla Loops for Music (Greek)

Τιμή: US $ 24, Indian Tabla Loops για παραγωγή μουσικής   Κατεβάστε Η πλήρης λήψη περιλαμβάνει όλα τα 8 Taals, Dadra, Kaharwa, Roopak, Bhajani, Deepchandi, Teentaal, Jhaptaal και Ektaal (50 Loops για κάθε Taal) * Αυτό το στοιχείο λήψης περιλαμβάνει 8 Στυλ (Taals), 50 Loops για κάθε Taal, Συνολικός αριθμός τραπεζιών Tabla: 400  

Tabla Loops for Music (Latin)

  Price: US $ XXIV, et ansas in Indian Tabla Musica productionis   Download Includes all the full download Taals VIII, Dadra, Kaharwa, Roopak, Bhajani, Deepchandi, Teentaal, et Jhaptaal Ektaal (L quisque ansas in Taal) Hoc includit * VIII download Styles (Taals), nam quisque Taal ansas L, No. totalis de Tabla ansas: CD     […]

Tabla Loops for Music (Spanish)

Precio: US $ 24, Indian Tabla Loops para la Producción Musical   Descargar La descarga completa incluye los 8 Taals, Dadra, Kaharwa, Roopak, Bhajani, Deepchandi, Teentaal, Jhaptaal y Ektaal (50 lazos por cada Taal) * Esta descarga incluye 8 estilos (Taals), 50 bucles para cada Taal, Número total de bucles Tabla: 400    

Full Download Tabla Studio

    High Quality High Resolution Tabla Sample Library All Basic Indian Taals Handplayed for Making Music and Listening     DOWNLOAD   8 Indian Principal Playing Style (Taals), 50 Loops for Each Category, 24 Bit & 16 Bit, Key & Tempo Can be changed     Tags: Music UK, Music Australia, Music France, Music […]